Purpose of life

There’s always A higher purpose of life You are not born To just come and go There is a reason why We reap what we sow Just Like a river Life flows There may be bumps And blows Highs and lows But Wisdom always grows Your soul always knows Which path to follow Listen toContinue reading “Purpose of life”

Don’t Regret

How often do you look back Back to your past And regret Things you could forget Reminisce them, don’t fret You are who you are Because of yesterday Don’t be upset Each fail Taught you to sail Storm and hail Facing the Gale You’ve learnt to nail Bonds you made Might fade But people alwaysContinue reading “Don’t Regret”


Today I will share with you all, an instance which had a lasting impression on me and my life. Going back to my college days, (as I have mentioned earlier, I graduated with Philosophy major) it was one of our first lectures on Indian philosophy. We all took our seats almost clueless about the subjectContinue reading “Perception”