Her wings were not clipped Neither was there lack of will Yet there was something missing Maybe a part of her soul Got disintegrated While she was busy unsnarling Some knotted, muddled emotions Which life threw on her When it was most unexpected But her smile didn’t leave her side For the one thing thatContinue reading “Retrieval”

Broken pieces

She woke up one morning Surrounded by Broken pieces of life Scattered all around While garnering Those tiny bits Instead of searching for The right match of each She thought of creating A new abstract structure Which even if crumbles Won’t need fixing For each of its piece Will be complete Even if seen individuallyContinue reading “Broken pieces”

Defining Moment

There comes a point in life When you encounter Your worst fear Leering at you Like a daunting site of The drooling Wild beast Ready to take a leap You can either run for cover Or Turn it into A defining moment Of your life Look straight into those fiery eyes And roar with allContinue reading “Defining Moment”