Her wings were not clipped Neither was there lack of will Yet there was something missing Maybe a part of her soul Got disintegrated While she was busy unsnarling Some knotted, muddled emotions Which life threw on her When it was most unexpected But her smile didn’t leave her side For the one thing thatContinue reading “Retrieval”

A Dream

They say Earth is raising her vibrations And we are Collectively heading Towards ascension I wish we get to see The new earth Where love gets its due And fear gets removed Where we make space for Bonds based on soul connect Where right or wrong gets replaced with What feels authentic and true WhereContinue reading “A Dream”

Surreal Experience

Yesterday morning I woke up perplexed because of a dream and in that state of bewilderment I saved in my notes the words buzzing in my head and dozed off again. Later in the day I had no recollection of the dream and still can’t, but I vaguely remember seeing a sage like figure, maybeContinue reading “Surreal Experience”

Black hole

The little hole of vacuum In the heart Magnanimously grow Into a black hole Consuming every thought Every fiber of being Creating a state of nothingness This state of nothingness within Originates newness That Springs fervently Only to get dissolved again Incising pain And the soul finally Settles somewhere in between this incessant chain ofContinue reading “Black hole”

Lost and Found

There was a part of me Which was once free Who believed in my beliefs It didn’t matter if others did not agree The heart had room For voice just one They call it intution Which was always encouraging And often preached To be unapologetic about How I feel But with time dust made TheContinue reading “Lost and Found”


There are a certain roads We plan to travel alone Away from the madness of the world Not in chase of some Implausible dreams But in search of inner light That you feel is flickering And then someone Across the stream Spreads the spell of positivity And the path illuminates magically The journey remains oursContinue reading “Journey”

Walk in the woods

Wilderness all around Yet a sense of peace I walked through the woods Dry leaves crackling Below my feet Ghostly silence Echoing the sound of My breath Yet there is relief Bewilderment does exist Since the vision shifted It’s no more the destination That I seek Moment of epiphany achieved When My soul realised itsContinue reading “Walk in the woods”