Journey of Souls

The journey of souls Is intriguing While life may appear Scattered in pieces But every chaos holds A distinctive pattern Each dot connects to another To weave different stories Stories of bonds rooted in past Knotted with a promise of eternity And the forces of the universe Set a seance for souls to come togetherContinue reading “Journey of Souls”

Treasure Trove

His desires and dreams Were cosseted and kept In her treasure trove And then she placed Hers in their crevices Filling the little cracks And strengthening their footing Weaving them with each other To make it their abode Of love and togetherness A place for their souls To call home and take shelter © SakshiContinue reading “Treasure Trove”

Mystical connection

Everything that comes into existence Creates space for its polar to arrive So that a balance is maintained For night we have day Blazing sun settles for calmness of moon Summers get followed by winters Inspite of being opposites They are connected to complete The circle of nature’s anatomy And she wonders if his existenceContinue reading “Mystical connection”

तुम हो/ You by my side

तुम हो इतना बहुत है आस पास ना‌ भी सही हर एहसास में ही सही पर तुम हो इतना बहुत है जो हम दोनों के बीच है वो दुनिया के लिए सिर्फ रूमानी सही पर रहेगा तो वो रूहानी ही तुम हो बस इतना बहुत है। Translation When you are by side Then there isContinue reading “तुम हो/ You by my side”