Guiltfree Happiness

Sometimes people don’t need answers, what they really need is right questions. It’s strange that even before you step in this world, our society assumes a set of values you will posses as per your gender. Women are supposed to be givers, they are called nurturers. Although our clan excels in both of the aboveContinue reading “Guiltfree Happiness”


She was pushed away With so much force That she stepped out of the periphery of love Now with so much chaos And dwindling trust She wonders if she Is even capable Her heart doesn’t Feel the warmth There is no wrath Not even pain or hurt But It doesn’t beat in The same rhythmContinue reading “Frozen”

Forgotten Mirror

It stood tall On her wall Framed in Exquisitely crafted Mahogony Screaming it’s glory Clamantly calling Yet it was a forgotten piece For looking at herself She didn’t feel the need Ignored it lay Covered In layers of dust But A sudden gust Cleared the way For one Ray A sharp reflection Blinded her forContinue reading “Forgotten Mirror”