1st Blogiversary

Yayyyy!! It’s been a year of blogging and what a year😊…… I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive, encouraging, kind and generous. It’s been an amazing journey of not just writing but also of growth. This same day last year I scribbled my first post and clicked onContinue reading “1st Blogiversary”

Lost and Found

There was a part of me Which was once free Who believed in my beliefs It didn’t matter if others did not agree The heart had room For voice just one They call it intution Which was always encouraging And often preached To be unapologetic about How I feel But with time dust made TheContinue reading “Lost and Found”

Illusionist vs Realist

Illusionist and Realist We have in us a bit of both Which takes over when We never really know The realists within Often screams How can you live In dreams A world that doesn’t exists? The illusionist Towards whom I am biased Simply replys Today I live in the world of dreams So that tomorrowContinue reading “Illusionist vs Realist”