Power of words

It’s appalling to realize that over the years we have added so much negativity in our vocabulary that subconsciously we are adding it in our life. Language is tool, a carrier of energy and we can choose to transport negativity or positivity in the universe which manifests it into our reality.We unfortunately undermine the powerContinue reading “Power of words”

Unlearn to Relearn

It was destined to be!!!!! How many times have we heard that? How many times have we said that? Most of us are brought up with the concept of fixed destiny. Our subconscious is fed with this idea……time and again completely negating the concept of free will and freedom of choice. Learning is said toContinue reading “Unlearn to Relearn”

Defining Moment

There comes a point in life When you encounter Your worst fear Leering at you Like a daunting site of The drooling Wild beast Ready to take a leap You can either run for cover Or Turn it into A defining moment Of your life Look straight into those fiery eyes And roar with allContinue reading “Defining Moment”

(Not) A Superwoman

With great power comes great responsibility This famous dialogue from the movie Spider-Man is so true and my favorite too. But how about not wanting great powers and sharing responsibilities. I saw a video awhile ago which had a message that women become superwomen due to incompetence of their partners and it all made soContinue reading “(Not) A Superwoman”

Misogyny & Patriarchy

Misogyny and Patriarchy is said to exist globally but the degree of it in Indian society is way higher. I am a woman who is born and brought up in urban India where you are given opportunities …where you have the right to speak your mind…right to education….. Right to choose a career…blahh blahhh blahhhContinue reading “Misogyny & Patriarchy”

Conquer your fears

What is the biggest fear in life of people at large? If someone asks you to give an accumulated answer for this …What would you say? I guess most will agree with death as an underlying answer coz all other fears….. for heights ,water, enclosures etc basically erupt from the fear of death at large.Continue reading “Conquer your fears”

Empath’s Life

Don’t be apologetic For feeling more than you see For not losing the sense of esprit For sticking to your belief For hoping against hope For having too much soul For loving with your whole For knowing more than told The Optimism you behold Some will term you quixotic Some may call you absurd LetContinue reading “Empath’s Life”

Refused to give up

Blessed with an over thinking mind and a tempestuous heart can be taxing sometimes. Last few days were a little tough as my thoughts and emotions were in an overactive mode and were scattered all around. But I am so happy to have got my voice back today. While planning a regression session for aContinue reading “Refused to give up”