Affirmation 7.

Perfection is an illusion I don’t wish to attain All I am is a best version of me today PS: You may not be their perfect but you for sure are your best. Remember not to cross the thin line between self obsession and self love …… obsession can be destructive ©Sakshi Gangwani

Affirmation 3.

Every rough patch in life Works like sandpaper…… Smoothening rough edges Polishing the surface adding new shine to mine PS : Affirmations work only when used in present tense. They should be repeated a number of times to store them in the subconscious as if they are true…………. This makes the forces of universe toContinue reading “Affirmation 3.”

Act of positivity

I embrace Each act of positivity For it works like sun rays Energizes low days Lifts unnecessary weights Providing a harmonious atmosphere For all to reside Without prejudice Whereas negative energies Add only frowns And chokes me down A bubble of former Protects my soul space That’s my little secret Don’t give it away ©Continue reading “Act of positivity”