A Path Unknown

On my way to abode, I saw a slick road In the daylight it glowed…… Oh! This should be explored… In adventurous mode I followed the trail of maple leaves A sight of disbelief…. The beauty got me spell bound, The birds making chirping sound Feelings so profound Nature got me astound…. The path isContinue reading “A Path Unknown”


The burning Desire… Spreading like wildfire, Ignites a hope in me…. The best is yet to come. But, The fire inflated and left me numb. Flames around , all this heat and smoke.. Am I about to choke . I gaspsed for breath….. Felt close to death, Just then felt a drop on my face….Continue reading “Desire”


A frivolous search was on.. I was tired and just yawned, Someone give me a magic wand. I walked and walked and walked……. Then came across a pond, I curiously looked upon, There was a reflection I hardly recognize……. Wind blowing her hair, A smile so rare….. Those glassy eyes She looked so wise…. IContinue reading “Serendipity”


I sat by the window,hypnotized…. The beauty of nature had me mesmerized. The rustling of trees, And Buzzing of Bees. That chirping bird, And cattle in herd. With The break of dawn…. Hurt all gone …. That’s when I had the Epiphany My heart and soul in synchrony, There is no place for tyranny. It’sContinue reading “Epiphany..”

Into the woods.

Lost on the path… With no one to guide, I swallowed my pride, And went into the woods to hide. The darkness multiplied, I cried, cried, cried…. Then had to decide, To listen to this voice inside, I had no choice, but to abide, To follow the road ahead so wide. Taking a long stride,Continue reading “Into the woods.”

Trapped in A Prism

I felt trapped in a prism… Prism of emotions Withdrawn from all, Banging the wall Throwing up a brawl…. Struggled and struggled Sometimes Troubled …. Sometimes befuddled, On my knees I snuggled…. Feeling defeated I looked up… Up in the sky, Oh God why! I sent a heartfelt cry, Just then….. Divine light hit meContinue reading “Trapped in A Prism”


Life is like a sea.. Full of tides high and low, Swooshing swashing is the flow. Earth and Moon’s playground Stronger the pull….harder the fall, And soon the rhythm is joined by all. We are the tides in the sea of life Moving up and down, Fearing the fall .. what if we drown? TheContinue reading “Tides”


Wherever we go in Life, We leave a mark behind. Sometimes so deep ….on a road so steep, Sometimes so faint… the waves wash away the paint. A trail of footprints behind me Will help you to find me. Just follow the trail my dear, You will find me there with the eyes so blear.Continue reading “Footprints….”

Ray of hope…..

Imagine being stuck in a tunnel and it’s pitch dark. What would you do? The options are limited you know…. either sit back and give up, or keep walking with the hope of reaching the end and catching the Ray of ⛅ sunlight. Odds are.. that if you keep walking you might find light butContinue reading “Ray of hope…..”

Refuse to give up

In search of God, I went places but couldn’t find any. Then one day I found him within me…..there is this sense of calmness, peace, optimism inside….whereas the outside world is chaotic and upside down. You will know that you have found your God when in the worst phase of your life …your 💓 heartContinue reading “Refuse to give up”