How could it be

The day he walked away Something in her changed The world was the same Yet she felt the disconnect How could it be The world saw them as the epitome of perfection individually But every time they faced each other The layers would peel And what remained were two naked souls Battered, bruised and bereavedContinue reading “How could it be”


She was pushed away With so much force That she stepped out of the periphery of love Now with so much chaos And dwindling trust She wonders if she Is even capable Her heart doesn’t Feel the warmth There is no wrath Not even pain or hurt But It doesn’t beat in The same rhythmContinue reading “Frozen”

Closed Door

The interiors of the room were beautiful. A vintage chest in one corner, an antique dressing table, linen curtains draping the windows, yet making way for sunlight and a huge mahogany bed…. which was flooded with piles of clothes…….. Meera (fuming): Ravi! Seriously… we have to do this everytime I have to go out? It’sContinue reading “Closed Door”