Our world needs more smiles…… Separated by miles All sorts of trials, we live in deniels ************ The days are busy So much to do The clock is ticking Need hands more than two ************* Time goes by with frowns Those occasional meltdowns, Scavenging around No smiles found I am left astound. **************** Aren’t weContinue reading “Smile”


Life is a battlefield……. Sword like Strength, you must wield, Optimism,Faith,courage are soldiers on field, You must not yield. ********** Life is a battlefield….. Depression,anxiety,hatred are enemies, Kneelin’ would mean commitin’ felonies, Your win will bring home serenity. *********** Life is a battlefield….. Damage might haunt you like bogies, But, Scars and wounds are trophiesContinue reading “Resilience”


Silence speaks louder than words…. It sounds a bit absurd, She talks and still feels unheard, It hurts like being stabbed with sword. *********** Silence she embosomed….. Quarrels were cumbersome, Expressing became seldom, A new found wisdom, She now believed the dictum. ************* Silence speaks louder than words…. Her silence too was unheard, In oneContinue reading “Silence”

Silent prayer

Something is not right…. Just don’t feel bright, Although I have tried, But there is unrest, Heart and soul in distress. It feels like …… Going back from where I began. Besieged in hollowness, Faking smiles in front of clan. A silent prayer…… Unleash me from despair, It’s not fair, Oh God! I swear IContinue reading “Silent prayer”

Heartache ❤️

She had dreams like the rest, Life will be at it’s best, So full of zest, She looked ahead feeling blessed. ************ He turned out to be her nemesis, With Incessant prejudices, It’s for her benefit, laid emphasis, She survived in those edifices. ************ Something within was dying, It changed her smile, When did sheContinue reading “Heartache ❤️”

Broken Window

The house was in shambles…. All night, she rambles, Waiting for dawn to break, Coz it’s her day’s preamble. Locked away from world… In crowd her head whirles, To run away, she yearns, House of shambles is her sanctum, Sitting by the broken Window, She discards her phantoms. This place gives her insight….. Broken windowContinue reading “Broken Window”


They told her not to Dream….. Her eyes lost their gleam, Tears flowed like a stream She had no rights it seemed. Several nights came and went… Sitting by the window she had spent, Sleeping…. she did not intent, Coz dreams will Advent, A walk outside might refresh It might release all the stress NeedContinue reading “Dream”

Unconditional Love

You make me feel alive, With that look of pride, Smile so wide, My heart leaps inside. All your first times, Shifted my life’s paradigms. Your first cry, Brought tears in my eyes. ……………………….. Your tiny hands…. Those tiny feet, Oh! how it made me feel complete. ………………………….. That first step, On wobbly legs, YouContinue reading “Unconditional Love”


First rays of sunshine, in a cold winter morning….. Aroma in the air is heart warming. Hazy vision, all too adorning, No noises outside…. No need to hide, Worries will be untied, If in nature, I could confide. Stiff shoulders relaxed…… Walls around me collapsed, And time simply lapsed. Morning turned to night……. I stayedContinue reading “Tranquility”


The aroma in the air…… Was spreading everywhere, Up in the sky she kept her stare…. Sniffing fimiliarity, Hoping with sincerity, Heart and soul in solidarity….. Petrichor announcing Arrival of rain….. Not a drop to be seen But, it’s presence has been, felt by her, she preened. Something was changing…. Hurt started waning, Positivity gaining,Continue reading “Petrichor”