In relationships it’s not viable to always understand each other’s perspective. The emotions unworded often put shackles on souls, restricting forward movement. Amidst all the chaos love sometimes reveals another dimension, which is all about holding space for the other and letting go of every bit of expectation with grace and integrity, allowing time toContinue reading “Perspectives”

All day and night

If given a choice She’d sit across the sea shore All through the day and night Unperturbed While he bares his heart Pouring out his thoughts and emotions flagrantly Until nothing is left And then let quiesce take over As they star gaze the sky While the rhythm of their hearts Creates a symphony withContinue reading “All day and night”

Core of existence

The fluctuating rhythm Of heart and soul The constant effort to Stay immune to the clangorous world Is exhausting and draining And the only thing I desire Is to stay in solitude Oblivious to the existence of Anything around Getting consumed by Peace and quiesce Aligning my soul Soaking in Divine light And to stayContinue reading “Core of existence”

Lost at Sea

She thought of him As someone Off her radar Attempted to move ahead in life Making tweaks in All things she believed Not that time ever stopped Or life took a halt But an undefined emotion Engulfed her senses As if the system went On autopilot Turning every movement Into a Rhythmless motion And sheContinue reading “Lost at Sea”

From I to Me

Spirituality is a journey From I to Me Beginning with collapse Of ego towers Feeling shackled in the dark caves Clutched by asphyxia And finally carving a path That leads us to meet The Divine in me And then see it in you For we aren’t just creations Of the creator We are the vesselsContinue reading “From I to Me”