The Maze

In the maze of life You will find Various paths Labeled as Hope Desire, Compassion Faith, passion, Valiance And you walk for miles But get snarled and muddled Coz of the bylanes Of Egotism, Obduracy, Anger and Rationality Take a deep breath and Start afresh Blocking these lanes Is a test of your endurance SearchContinue reading “The Maze”

Unspoken rush (collaboration)

My first collaboration and Braeden chose a subject that threw me off my comfort zone. Although I hope I did some justice.Thank you Braeden for reaching out and showing confidence in me, I was not sure if I could pull it off. If you have not read his work I suggest you to visit hisContinue reading “Unspoken rush (collaboration)”

Love is not

Love is not something to grab It’s not to possess Not to own It’s not even the touch It isn’t about that glare Love is not the voice you hear Love is the sunshine That warms your heart The reason for the day to start A feeling beyond trivialities Beyond confinement Of time, distance andContinue reading “Love is not”


If your love doesn’t bring out the best in you Then it wasn’t love at all. ……. Feelings and emotions, are beyond physical presence Just your essence The silent acquiescence Keeps the heart effervescent Why do we aim collision When beauty lies In coexistence True love is incessant Be courageous Bow down to it’s omnipresence.Continue reading “Essence”


Words are not her best friends And yet she writes in rhymes Coz there is no other way For her to say Her thoughts so disarray He masters the art of expression So vocal and awaiting confession If only it was an easy procession. Life is strange Things prearranged Their bond can not be estrangedContinue reading “Unexplainable”

Heartache ❤️

She had dreams like the rest, Life will be at it’s best, So full of zest, She looked ahead feeling blessed. ************ He turned out to be her nemesis, With Incessant prejudices, It’s for her benefit, laid emphasis, She survived in those edifices. ************ Something within was dying, It changed her smile, When did sheContinue reading “Heartache ❤️”


They told her not to Dream….. Her eyes lost their gleam, Tears flowed like a stream She had no rights it seemed. Several nights came and went… Sitting by the window she had spent, Sleeping…. she did not intent, Coz dreams will Advent, A walk outside might refresh It might release all the stress NeedContinue reading “Dream”