True authentic self

I chose this journey of being My true authentic self And it taught me to honor my emotions I allow myself to feel And attach no prejudice to it For everything happens for a reason I embrace my pain, rage, love, compassion Even indifference With utmost honesty For each of it is a part ofContinue reading “True authentic self”


He judged her Completely unaware of the storm in her life Which was drifting her towards the battle ground On the other side Her heart ached for she knew Her disappearance Would be termed as betrayal But some stories before the conclusion can not be shared And till then she’d keep her faith In theContinue reading “Complexities”


She often attempts to pull down the blinds And block light to reach her heart She often attempts to find solace In the dark She also attempts to eschew all thoughts Which bring his memories back And momentarily succeeds In shunning all beliefs and dreams Which were nurtured with love But even that offers noContinue reading “Eschewing”