I am not religious. I am spiritual. Believe me it’s not easy….being an Indian and not religious . ….it’s almost a sin. I remember Mom scolding me every now and then …….. “kabhi toh mandir Jaya karo” ( sometimes visit the temple) and my reply was always that” my God is within me ” whichContinue reading “Paintings”

Know me better….

Hi If I need to describe myself in one word then it will be a Multipotentialite. I heard a Ted talk sometime back about Multipotentialites and it dawned upon me that it’s ok to be one…. actually it’s a good thing to be one. For the longest time I felt there is something wrong withContinue reading “Know me better….”


Taking a hiatus….. Introspecting life, Engulfing the stillness is courageous, Noises outside, outrageous, I am compelled to stop…… By ,Voices inside…audacious. But, there is so much at stake … A life I can not fake , Nothingness is a luxury, I can’t take…….. Meandering around is not a piece of cake, It’s time to pullContinue reading “Hiatus”

Leap of Faith

Taking the Leap of Faith….. I surrender myself completely, Give me wings if you want me to fly… As I am falling steeply. I leave my fate in your hand…. No matter, when and where I land All the hardships I’d withstand. Trusting you is all I know…. To your behest, I’ll take a bow,Continue reading “Leap of Faith”


Look at the night sky A fistful of sparkle thrown up so high….. True beauty of Infinity. Looks like a painting done skilfully, Every detail etched minutely….. A sense of calm and peace engulfed, Fears and Sorrows all repulsed Lost in the world of infinity, Uncovering layers Humming my prayers Scouting a new me OfContinue reading “Infinity”

Into the woods.

Lost on the path… With no one to guide, I swallowed my pride, And went into the woods to hide. The darkness multiplied, I cried, cried, cried…. Then had to decide, To listen to this voice inside, I had no choice, but to abide, To follow the road ahead so wide. Taking a long stride,Continue reading “Into the woods.”

Ray of hope…..

Imagine being stuck in a tunnel and it’s pitch dark. What would you do? The options are limited you know…. either sit back and give up, or keep walking with the hope of reaching the end and catching the Ray of ⛅ sunlight. Odds are.. that if you keep walking you might find light butContinue reading “Ray of hope…..”

Refuse to give up

In search of God, I went places but couldn’t find any. Then one day I found him within me…..there is this sense of calmness, peace, optimism inside….whereas the outside world is chaotic and upside down. You will know that you have found your God when in the worst phase of your life …your 💓 heartContinue reading “Refuse to give up”