Slice of life

They’ll be a thousand reasons For you to cry Look for ONE that makes you smile A thousand people To claim they care Look for ONE Who loves you like rare A thousand days Of blunders Look for ONE When you break the slumber A thousand questions On your state Look for ONE Whose answerContinue reading “Slice of life”

Don’t Regret

How often do you look back Back to your past And regret Things you could forget Reminisce them, don’t fret You are who you are Because of yesterday Don’t be upset Each fail Taught you to sail Storm and hail Facing the Gale You’ve learnt to nail Bonds you made Might fade But people alwaysContinue reading “Don’t Regret”

Good ol’ days

Basking in morning Glory Writing an allegory There is some dilatory Coz I’m lost ruminating My life’s story. *********** Carefree and cool Life in school… “Focus on ambition” Was the college mission Having fun was a conscious decision. ************* Those friendly dates, Claiming to be soulmates, Sneaking out of main gates Always returning late ParentsContinue reading “Good ol’ days”


Our world needs more smiles…… Separated by miles All sorts of trials, we live in deniels ************ The days are busy So much to do The clock is ticking Need hands more than two ************* Time goes by with frowns Those occasional meltdowns, Scavenging around No smiles found I am left astound. **************** Aren’t weContinue reading “Smile”


Life is a battlefield……. Sword like Strength, you must wield, Optimism,Faith,courage are soldiers on field, You must not yield. ********** Life is a battlefield….. Depression,anxiety,hatred are enemies, Kneelin’ would mean commitin’ felonies, Your win will bring home serenity. *********** Life is a battlefield….. Damage might haunt you like bogies, But, Scars and wounds are trophiesContinue reading “Resilience”


Silence speaks louder than words…. It sounds a bit absurd, She talks and still feels unheard, It hurts like being stabbed with sword. *********** Silence she embosomed….. Quarrels were cumbersome, Expressing became seldom, A new found wisdom, She now believed the dictum. ************* Silence speaks louder than words…. Her silence too was unheard, In oneContinue reading “Silence”