Affirmation 10.

Every hurdle, every obstacle Is a detour Leading me towards The purpose of my being PS: With this the affirmation series comes to an end, hope it added some positive vibes in your life. Ruminating on positive thoughts every morning since the last 10 days definitely added some in mine. Stay blessed © Sakshi Gangwani

Love is not

Love is not something to grab It’s not to possess Not to own It’s not even the touch It isn’t about that glare Love is not the voice you hear Love is the sunshine That warms your heart The reason for the day to start A feeling beyond trivialities Beyond confinement Of time, distance andContinue reading “Love is not”

Let Loose

Trying to hold on to things and feelings never works …….all it offers is pain. Let Loose and get blown you will land where you belong. PS : I am having a neck breaking schedule……with back to back PLRT sessions stretching to 12hrs everyday. …..apologies for going slow on reading and replying. Thought of makingContinue reading “Let Loose”


If your love doesn’t bring out the best in you Then it wasn’t love at all. ……. Feelings and emotions, are beyond physical presence Just your essence The silent acquiescence Keeps the heart effervescent Why do we aim collision When beauty lies In coexistence True love is incessant Be courageous Bow down to it’s omnipresence.Continue reading “Essence”

Jigsaw puzzle

Love is a jigsaw puzzle It’s pieces hold magnetic force Each piece attracts And gets attached to it’s match They can be separated by force Kept away for a time course But Once the grip loosens their coming together is assured Anyone who thinks Has a firm grip on life I’d say….. think twice WeContinue reading “Jigsaw puzzle”

The Pregnant Deer

I came across this story a few years back and it has stayed with me since….. You May or may not have read it before ……but it’s totally worth re-reading In a forest, a pregnant deer is about to give birth. She finds a remote grass field near a strong-flowing river. This seems a safeContinue reading “The Pregnant Deer”