Soul’s Desire

The melting mountain peaks And flowing water creeks The dampness in air And occasional whiff of woody fragrance Those fireflies emblazoning the purlieus Like fairy lights The sound of crickets Slicing the silence of Dreary nights The open skies and Amidst all of this nature’s caper The only thing my soul desires Is liberation ©Continue reading “Soul’s Desire”

Nature’s Augury

The Season of Fall indicates a change Autumnal equinox arrives Slicing the day and night in equal halves Acting as nature’s augury of Completion of cycles Leaves wither and fall From branches of trees Cool currents replace Hot humid winds Old patterns end and aroma in the air iterates Endings are New beginnings © SakshiContinue reading “Nature’s Augury”


The conditions were extreme Cracks on the land Had increased And It silently screamed for mercy The clouds played a tease Casting a shadow Drizzling few drops Which too evaporated due to heat Leaving behind hope In petrichor And a promise of return Soaking each grain of soil Seeping through crevices A few seasons cameContinue reading “Extremity”

Stripping away

Lush green trees Abode to birds and bees Slaughtered in the name of Urbanization Arterial rivers Sparkling and pristine Are now clogged drains All in the name of Industrialization Mountains stripped off their rawness and beauty Now look more like Dumping grounds In the name of tourism And commercialization The air we breathe Is alsoContinue reading “Stripping away”