Staying Alive

They met amidst the war In the background of gunshots Fireballs falling from skies Those shrieks of pain For help those wails Made it an abhorrent site Yet they found love In each other’s eyes Giving them a reason to smile And wake up every morning In the warmth of each other’s arms They couldn’tContinue reading “Staying Alive”

Closed Door

The interiors of the room were beautiful. A vintage chest in one corner, an antique dressing table, linen curtains draping the windows, yet making way for sunlight and a huge mahogany bed…. which was flooded with piles of clothes…….. Meera (fuming): Ravi! Seriously… we have to do this everytime I have to go out? It’sContinue reading “Closed Door”

Awkward silence

Sam and Sasha were college sweethearts, the kind of people who give others relationship goals, the perfect example of friends and lovers. Their story it seemed was straight out of a clichéd romantic novel. But as college got over, life happened. They moved to different parts of the world in quest of their individual dreams,Continue reading “Awkward silence”

Mystic Moon

The mystic moon Obliterating the darkness Of the night Luminescing with pride Waning and waxing Teasing the sky But never abandoning Always staying by its side Giving lovers A view of Elysian Some may say there are No moon nights But for romantics those too are new moon sites © Sakshi Gangwani

A Little Note

She wrote a little note Hoping that words will Convey the voice of her heart So that he could hear her Even in chaos My love can’t fade Neither can it be buried under the layers of rationality It’s alive and thriving Sometimes glum sometimes smiling For You are the definition Of love for meContinue reading “A Little Note”


After winning the battle When he returned His demeanor didn’t show The signs of victory The harshness of the world Had cloaked his belief in Love His stoicism made him distant and tough She held him close And whispered softly “Let’s bring back The warmth of your smile The gleam of your eyes Your spontaneityContinue reading “Incessant”

Your Uniform

Your uniform drew me towards you Your uniform Pulled us apart The last time When you got ready To depart You hugged me As if it was our last Your lips stayed on mine Pouring all the love In your heart I had a premonition It didn’t feel like separation Was more of abscission CozContinue reading “Your Uniform”