In the mess of life They found sanctitude Their bond was of such magnitude Words filled their heart with gratitude No matter how it’s viewed Somethings you can’t elude…….. ******** It doesn’t matter how it’s categorized Their journey may be incognizable But for each other It will be allegorized For the world, it’ll be aContinue reading “Sanctitude”


Emotions are strange Something within moves like waves Sometimes elevates Sometimes deflates Before our hearts we all are slaves……. Mind plays it’s own games The Heart yields The mind shields The soul wields Inner battlefield Before the world it’s all concealed. …… It’s all transcending Was impending Even after tending Heart,mind and soul are allContinue reading “Transcending”


Words are not her best friends And yet she writes in rhymes Coz there is no other way For her to say Her thoughts so disarray He masters the art of expression So vocal and awaiting confession If only it was an easy procession. Life is strange Things prearranged Their bond can not be estrangedContinue reading “Unexplainable”

Blanket of words

Comfort of a blanket invisible It spreads the warmth through body and soul There is something indivisible…. It covers like the spume envelopes the sea The beauty is for all to see It’s the blanket of words Colliding our worlds Hearts ,like sails are furled It’s not for all to fathom Coz it isn’t aContinue reading “Blanket of words”

Heartache ❤️cont’d…..

Time went clicking….. She kept living, No way was she quitting, Struggles unremitting. ************ New in town….. A few steps down, He saw her frown, Dressed in a breathtaking gown. ************* His life felt cold….. Heart of gold, She looked like a mystery, He’d like to enfold. **************** She was distant….. He was so persistent,Continue reading “Heartache ❤️cont’d…..”

Heartache ❤️

She had dreams like the rest, Life will be at it’s best, So full of zest, She looked ahead feeling blessed. ************ He turned out to be her nemesis, With Incessant prejudices, It’s for her benefit, laid emphasis, She survived in those edifices. ************ Something within was dying, It changed her smile, When did sheContinue reading “Heartache ❤️”

Broken Window

The house was in shambles…. All night, she rambles, Waiting for dawn to break, Coz it’s her day’s preamble. Locked away from world… In crowd her head whirles, To run away, she yearns, House of shambles is her sanctum, Sitting by the broken Window, She discards her phantoms. This place gives her insight….. Broken windowContinue reading “Broken Window”