He disappeared Without a word exchanged Leaving her in dilemma To wait or walk away The least she expected was To be informed So that with every crackling sound Her heart doesn’t skip a beat With every crossing step The lost hope doesn’t surge again And she knows her ground For the heart gets fidgetyContinue reading “Dilemma”

Lost at Sea

She thought of him As someone Off her radar Attempted to move ahead in life Making tweaks in All things she believed Not that time ever stopped Or life took a halt But an undefined emotion Engulfed her senses As if the system went On autopilot Turning every movement Into a Rhythmless motion And sheContinue reading “Lost at Sea”


Reminiscences of past days Often reminds Once upon a time Love was recognized Even in the veil of discreet Was felt even when The walls of fear were in between Was read Even when it wasn’t worded right It just flowed in its purest form Before our rational minds covered it in Debris of IfsContinue reading “Reminiscence”


On days I am lost To show me A new horizon Would you be my navigator When it’s pitch dark On a serpentine path To give me hope of dawn Would you be my navigator I have the strength To face the storm But on days I am vulnerable Would you be my navigator IContinue reading “Navigation”


She was pushed away With so much force That she stepped out of the periphery of love Now with so much chaos And dwindling trust She wonders if she Is even capable Her heart doesn’t Feel the warmth There is no wrath Not even pain or hurt But It doesn’t beat in The same rhythmContinue reading “Frozen”

Not enough

She went into hiding With a bruised heart And a sore soul For she couldn’t fathom His needs He’d often confute His own belief Her presence rattled his thoughts And he would so easily Refute her whole being But every time she would Pack to leave His love would pour out And drench her entirelyContinue reading “Not enough”