Perfection or Excellence

Perfection is a flawed concept. It hampers growth and productivity both. If a person is stuck in perfection mindset, chances of them procrastinating also increase because their need to do things in a certain way, at a certain time would make them push things for a tomorrow that never arrives. Perfection is a result ofContinue reading “Perfection or Excellence”

Power of Intentions

Setting intentions is an act of adding movement to your ideas, it’s a commitment you make to yourself. Your goals are a destination and setting clear intentions is a path that leads you towards it. When you move ahead with a clutter free mind, you manifest new opportunities and each door you open brings youContinue reading “Power of Intentions”

Power of Subconscious Mind

Out of all underestimated things, the one that tops the list is the power of our subconscious mind. May be because some think it’s too good to be true or may be because a few don’t like the idea of taking responsibility of their destiny. They are comfortable thinking that destiny is fixed and theyContinue reading “Power of Subconscious Mind”


There have been tales of love Against the backdrop of wars Love thrived Even in holocaust Amidst tears and calamity Or worst of humanity Love sneaked through The narrow gaps And hearts were entrapped Infact it is the only force Which souls carry from one life To another lifetime Everything else is left behind ButContinue reading “Inquest”