Who are you

Who are you Sans your job titles Or things you aspire to be Sans your relationship status Or the roles you play in life lovingly Everything above Must be essential parts of you But are they the only things Which define you Strip down each of those layers To bare the most vulnerable you LookContinue reading “Who are you”

Guiltfree Happiness

Sometimes people don’t need answers, what they really need is right questions. It’s strange that even before you step in this world, our society assumes a set of values you will posses as per your gender. Women are supposed to be givers, they are called nurturers. Although our clan excels in both of the aboveContinue reading “Guiltfree Happiness”


Before a person even realizes procrastination becomes a way of life. It’s not easy to shush that voice in your head that acts as your friend and asks you to deter all your action plans for a tomorrow which is pushed further for another time. When you start your day with a priority list insteadContinue reading “Prioritize”