Celebrate Femininity

I don’t believe in celebrating one day to empower, encourage, motivate and appreciate womanhood and I have maintained it time and again. So I won’t wish you all a Happy Women’s Day but I do wish you all a Happy Everyday. We all are a combination of Yin&Yang having feminine as well as a masculineContinue reading “Celebrate Femininity”

Sword of Damocles

The world is falling apart For humans are walking around With fragmented souls Untouched unhealed With Traumas and pains Causing disease We took hundreds of years To establish an era of industrialization Let’s attempt to give half of it To build an era of Rehumanization Integrating healers, speakers Dreamers, soul seekers, change makers With openContinue reading “Sword of Damocles”


The theory of oneness has been brought To our awareness Disintegration to reintegration Spiraling at the same pace Yet we draw boundaries Dividing the indivisible Pain and grief doesn’t change As per cast, color and state Neither does love, compassion and empathy Then what is the chase The land is shared The sky is theContinue reading “Oneness”

Stripping away

Lush green trees Abode to birds and bees Slaughtered in the name of Urbanization Arterial rivers Sparkling and pristine Are now clogged drains All in the name of Industrialization Mountains stripped off their rawness and beauty Now look more like Dumping grounds In the name of tourism And commercialization The air we breathe Is alsoContinue reading “Stripping away”