Heartache ❤️cont’d…..

Time went clicking….. She kept living, No way was she quitting, Struggles unremitting. ************ New in town….. A few steps down, He saw her frown, Dressed in a breathtaking gown. ************* His life felt cold….. Heart of gold, She looked like a mystery, He’d like to enfold. **************** She was distant….. He was so persistent,Continue reading “Heartache ❤️cont’d…..”

I Can ….

I can do anything….. Instead of, spending my life anguishing, I’d rather use it burnishing. I can do anything….. Life is full of offerings Don’t lose hope, if tottering I can do anything…… Time might be testing, Laugh it off, jesting, I can do anything…… Some days might be depressing, Count on your blessings, IContinue reading “I Can ….”

Broken Window

The house was in shambles…. All night, she rambles, Waiting for dawn to break, Coz it’s her day’s preamble. Locked away from world… In crowd her head whirles, To run away, she yearns, House of shambles is her sanctum, Sitting by the broken Window, She discards her phantoms. This place gives her insight….. Broken windowContinue reading “Broken Window”


They told her not to Dream….. Her eyes lost their gleam, Tears flowed like a stream She had no rights it seemed. Several nights came and went… Sitting by the window she had spent, Sleeping…. she did not intent, Coz dreams will Advent, A walk outside might refresh It might release all the stress NeedContinue reading “Dream”

Rattling Door

Confined in an attic, She remained static, No…she isn’t a lunatic…… With a bunch of fears Drowning in her tears…. She refused to face the world. Light hurt her eyes, Voices not so wise…. Nothing made her rise. A rattle on the door…… She rose from the floor, Her hands bled, coz of the nailsContinue reading “Rattling Door”

Guardian Angel

At the time of despair…… When you want to blare, Coz no one seems to care Remember, your Guardian Angel is there. You might feel lonely…. It’s fugaciously only, Protecting you is his purpose solely Remember, Your Guardian Angel is there. You never are alone… Your Faith must be resown, He has taken your handsContinue reading “Guardian Angel”

Leap of Faith

Taking the Leap of Faith….. I surrender myself completely, Give me wings if you want me to fly… As I am falling steeply. I leave my fate in your hand…. No matter, when and where I land All the hardships I’d withstand. Trusting you is all I know…. To your behest, I’ll take a bow,Continue reading “Leap of Faith”


Slip into Oblivion ….. Coz Ignorance is a bliss, Forget the past that torment… There is no need to repent Future, you can reinvent, Live for the present. This state of Oblivion….. Actually, is a biss…. You can walk without the baggages, No worries of savages, It’s today that you have Let yourself loose, WithContinue reading “Oblivion”


Look at the night sky A fistful of sparkle thrown up so high….. True beauty of Infinity. Looks like a painting done skilfully, Every detail etched minutely….. A sense of calm and peace engulfed, Fears and Sorrows all repulsed Lost in the world of infinity, Uncovering layers Humming my prayers Scouting a new me OfContinue reading “Infinity”


The burning Desire… Spreading like wildfire, Ignites a hope in me…. The best is yet to come. But, The fire inflated and left me numb. Flames around , all this heat and smoke.. Am I about to choke . I gaspsed for breath….. Felt close to death, Just then felt a drop on my face….Continue reading “Desire”