He judged her Completely unaware of the storm in her life Which was drifting her towards the battle ground On the other side Her heart ached for she knew Her disappearance Would be termed as betrayal But some stories before the conclusion can not be shared And till then she’d keep her faith In theContinue reading “Complexities”


About 6years ago I started my venture with the sole purpose of following my passion and today while we were shutting the doors for the final goodbye I realized how a few things complete a full circle …… We opened in August and we closed in August although none of it was planned. It’s difficultContinue reading “Tête-à-Tête”

Make belief

He made her believe in Love And also in things unbelievable He made her love herself a bit more And break the shackles of the world He made her shatter old paradigms And speak up loud and bold He made her think trust is unbreakable And it strengthens with time Then finally he made sureContinue reading “Make belief”


She embalmed her heart And wrapped it in bandages To control the rhythm of its beats To suppress its yearning Repress ardency And hoped to give up hope But a gush of wind Brought back those memories Subsumed in each of the heart’s valves Reminding of days Full of bliss and shared smiles Begetting aContinue reading “Memories”

How could it be

The day he walked away Something in her changed The world was the same Yet she felt the disconnect How could it be The world saw them as the epitome of perfection individually But every time they faced each other The layers would peel And what remained were two naked souls Battered, bruised and bereavedContinue reading “How could it be”