Shadow embodiment

Our life shapes itself as per the stories we tell ourself. Somewhere due to conditioning or societal pressures we take up certain roles which form our belief system. These can also be referred to as archetypes and we subconsciously begin to weave our life stories keeping these archetypes as the center of our being. TheContinue reading “Shadow embodiment”

Process of Healing

A repeated cycle of events or meeting different people, yet each leading to same triggers is a reminder from the universe, that there is still work left to be done. When the past emotional wounds remain unhealed, people stay stuck in the same loop. It is an indicator that inner work is needed. It’s importantContinue reading “Process of Healing”

Not fine …….is just fine

Did you know that India is the most depressed country in the world followed by China and USA as per the reports of WHO. It’s not that we don’t have enough help available, the problem is the stigma around mental health issues. A lot people fear coming out in open and seek help which pushesContinue reading “Not fine …….is just fine”

Broken pieces

She woke up one morning Surrounded by Broken pieces of life Scattered all around While garnering Those tiny bits Instead of searching for The right match of each She thought of creating A new abstract structure Which even if crumbles Won’t need fixing For each of its piece Will be complete Even if seen individuallyContinue reading “Broken pieces”