From I to Me

Spirituality is a journey From I to Me Beginning with collapse Of ego towers Feeling shackled in the dark caves Clutched by asphyxia And finally carving a path That leads us to meet The Divine in me And then see it in you For we aren’t just creations Of the creator We are the vesselsContinue reading “From I to Me”

Let Love Be

Let’s try to simplify The existence of something Which has been convoluted In various tales Is glamorized In fairy tales Happiness is not suppressed We even let sorrows be But Love which often Is not a choice Is shoved in the template Of right and wrong Making it a complex equation Which is left unsolvedContinue reading “Let Love Be”

Imperfectly perfect

Life is beautiful In its imperfectly perfect way A few missing pieces Some dreams and desires unmet Yet hope carves a way for happiness Making life iridescent We may not see but The universe puts us In the right place at the right time Soak in each experience For with acceptance Heart stays ebullient ©Continue reading “Imperfectly perfect”

Everytime they meet

As if spring has just arrived New Blooms in sight The empty branches Springing new leaves Adorned with glossy new greens That’s how she feels Everytime they meet The skipping heart beats A smile that never leaves Overflowing emotions Awaiting their release But words somehow freeze That’s how she feels Everytime they meet. © SakshiContinue reading “Everytime they meet”

Affirmation 8.

I bow down with gratitude For abundance in my life……… Abundance of happiness Love and tranquility PS: There is nothing better than starting the day with positivity….. The affirmation series is nearing the end with two more to go, but I hope the positivity stays in your life forever. © Sakshi Gangwani


After the mishap With some dents in his heart And a few bruises in hers Instead of running the marathon They limped forward To the finishing mark Crossing the hurdles Removing obstacles Coz It’s not always about Win and loss As long as their smiles Warmed their hearts Hope didn’t depart And souls remained entwinedContinue reading “Togetherness”


  The time in your life when you crack the chrysalis and make way for sunlight although you may not be ready for the flight But it sure is worth celebrating life The dreams that were blur Become suddenly clear And you walk the path With a new found fervor Destination may still Be farContinue reading “Elation”