She often felt trapped in Self imposed restraint Not because of Lack of emotions But because his presence Unlocks the closed doors of her heart No facade no veil Not a single layer of pretence stays Exposing her most vulnerable self Which she’d kept hidden from herself Such was the impact of his presence ItContinue reading “Flummoxed”

A New Decade

Stepping in the new decade I leave a lot behind For I choose not to carry forward Any burdens of negative emotions Smile is hard earned So that shall stay intact Expectations kept at bay Focus is on goodness Mindfulness of thoughts And self love is prime Keeping my inner child alive And integrating eachContinue reading “A New Decade”

Beyond Eternity

He made her heart Leap with joy With the simplicity And honesty of his thoughts His presence for her Stood testimony to the fact That in this malicious world There still exist some souls Who have managed to protect Their heart of gold And she hoped their Unconditional love Would act as a shield ToContinue reading “Beyond Eternity”