Unlearn to Relearn

It was destined to be!!!!! How many times have we heard that? How many times have we said that? Most of us are brought up with the concept of fixed destiny. Our subconscious is fed with this idea……time and again completely negating the concept of free will and freedom of choice. Learning is said toContinue reading “Unlearn to Relearn”

(Not) A Superwoman

With great power comes great responsibility This famous dialogue from the movie Spider-Man is so true and my favorite too. But how about not wanting great powers and sharing responsibilities. I saw a video awhile ago which had a message that women become superwomen due to incompetence of their partners and it all made soContinue reading “(Not) A Superwoman”


Her hand was Entangled with the wires of past Whenever she struggled to move on It tightened its grip Incising the skin Bleeding slowly one drop at a time The abscesses formed Made it a sight to abhor But her desire to break free Was so strong That she amputated Her own arm That sharpContinue reading “Amputation”

Expression is important

All of us are at different stages of life and I would like to believe most of us are work in progress. Everyone having their own reasons to write …some share their creativity and some use this platform for catharsis…… instead of focusing on the reasons, the focus should be on expression. Writing about painContinue reading “Expression is important”

Irreversible/ Achal

Zindagi se Koi shikayat nahi Gar wo Yun na hoti Toh hum yahan na hote Yeh kagaz Kalam ki siyaahi mein dooba na hota Gar ghum na hota Toh shayar na hote Mohabbat na hoti toh Ibaadat na hoti Aasun na hote Toh muskuraahat ki kadr na hoti Gar Zindagi seedhi si chalti Toh AeyContinue reading “Irreversible/ Achal”