After the mishap With some dents in his heart And a few bruises in hers Instead of running the marathon They limped forward To the finishing mark Crossing the hurdles Removing obstacles Coz It’s not always about Win and loss As long as their smiles Warmed their hearts Hope didn’t depart And souls remained entwinedContinue reading “Togetherness”

Be your own Yin&Yang

Fall in Love Be head over heels feel the warmth and share your dreams Build your Elysian where your souls groove With rhythm of your hearts And no force keeps you apart But be your own yin and yang for love shouldn’t be with terms and conditions attached Be a whole before you call someoneContinue reading “Be your own Yin&Yang”

Love is not

Love is not something to grab It’s not to possess Not to own It’s not even the touch It isn’t about that glare Love is not the voice you hear Love is the sunshine That warms your heart The reason for the day to start A feeling beyond trivialities Beyond confinement Of time, distance andContinue reading “Love is not”