1st Blogiversary

Yayyyy!! It’s been a year of blogging and what a year😊…… I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive, encouraging, kind and generous. It’s been an amazing journey of not just writing but also of growth. This same day last year I scribbled my first post and clicked onContinue reading “1st Blogiversary”

Closed Door

The interiors of the room were beautiful. A vintage chest in one corner, an antique dressing table, linen curtains draping the windows, yet making way for sunlight and a huge mahogany bed…. which was flooded with piles of clothes…….. Meera (fuming): Ravi! Seriously…..do we have to do this everytime I have to go out? It’sContinue reading “Closed Door”

Awkward silence

Sam and Sasha were college sweethearts, the kind of people who give others relationship goals, the perfect example of friends and lovers. Their story it seemed was straight out of a clichéd romantic novel. But as college got over, life happened. They moved to different parts of the world in quest of their individual dreams,Continue reading “Awkward silence”