Sometimes when The most hopeful Are on the verge Of losing hope The forces of universe Come forward to rescue Which explains The existence of Synchronicities The acausal principles As Carl Jung defines A message sent across Stating you have our back Just follow the track With faith and belief The horrid dust storm BlurringContinue reading “11:11”


The focus of life For so many around Seems to be profits and gains Increased numbers Flooded bank accounts Is their game Illogical and delusional For them is my name Coz the only numbers I care about are The number of hearts touched Filling my account with smiles And leaving the banking on Divine IsContinue reading “Bandwagon”

Walk in the woods

Wilderness all around Yet a sense of peace I walked through the woods Dry leaves crackling Below my feet Ghostly silence Echoing the sound of My breath Yet there is relief Bewilderment does exist Since the vision shifted It’s no more the destination That I seek Moment of epiphany achieved When My soul realised itsContinue reading “Walk in the woods”