Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

I stumbled upon this movie on YouTube and was glued to it until I finished all 4 parts. If you have a bend towards spirituality or interest in quantum physics or if you think you are on a path of awakening, I recommend you watch this. Each part is approximately 30 min long and trustContinue reading “Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds”

Spiritual amnesia

Some refer to spiritual amnesia As forgetting the goodness of God But the version I believe in is Forgetting who we are And then finding a way back to ourselves Detaching from our source Choosing a path for Ascension of our souls And then harmoniously blending In the vastness of our creator Just like everyContinue reading “Spiritual amnesia”

Lost and Found

There was a part of me Which was once free Who believed in my beliefs It didn’t matter if others did not agree The heart had room For voice just one They call it intution Which was always encouraging And often preached To be unapologetic about How I feel But with time dust made TheContinue reading “Lost and Found”