Caught in the whirlwind Of emotions She wondered how When and why Love that once was unconditional Turned into something Unfathomable……. The distance that once never mattered In miles Had concocted Walls of rile May be distance actually is When the thread Connecting hearts unties But what happens To the souls which were entwined ClaimingContinue reading “Why”

Not enough

She went into hiding With a bruised heart And a sore soul For she couldn’t fathom His needs He’d often confute His own belief Her presence rattled his thoughts And he would so easily Refute her whole being But every time she would Pack to leave His love would pour out And drench her entirelyContinue reading “Not enough”

Broken Quill

My Quill broke its tip The inkpot has Traces of dried ink My words have abandoned me And rhymes are smirking atrociously Thoughts rotating inscrutably But these blank sheets They look at me hopefully Rustling together They whisper softly A new Quill A new pot Some new thoughts And these deceiving Words and rhymes WillContinue reading “Broken Quill”


We stood at the crossroad She was there literally And I Metaphorically Lost in our worlds Mine was of words Hers was absurd I envisaged to soar high She hoped Hunger to satisfy A shelter to comfortably lie She is Oblivious To my views And I dream to be Someone’s muse Yet it wasn’t difficultContinue reading “Crossroads”

Past Life Regression

Some of you may believe in it ……..some of you may not ……and some may not have even heard of it. Nevertheless I’ll try to make this post interesting for all irrespective of which category you fall in. Studying Parapsychology happens to be the best decision of my life , it just makes you soContinue reading “Past Life Regression”

World beyond our own

There exists a world A world beyond our own It belongs to our souls Divine ensemble Where no one rambles There aren’t any shambles A place to repose Where Love free flows Nothing to impose A soul connects a soul And you become whole A world beyond our own Which sounds like a dream FromContinue reading “World beyond our own”

Zindagi/ Life

Zindagi se har Roz milti Hoon main Meri khidki ke jharokhe se dikhti hai Muskurati Hui……. lehrati Hui……… Shokhi si……. Pass bulati Hui Magar Chhoone se pehle hi Bhaag jati hai kahin Door se awaaz aati hai bas Zindagi Hoon Itni aasani see haath lag gayi To sochoge Yeah bhi koi Zindagi thi ********** IContinue reading “Zindagi/ Life”