Egotism or Self-love

Egotism and self love Are inscribed as synonyms This fact makes me grim In the first power play Is defined While in latter surrendering Is reified First negates the presence of flaws Latter makes you accept your scars Ego makes you thrive To look superior in all eyes Loving yourself is all about Being ableContinue reading “Egotism or Self-love”

Time and distance

When she tried And repeatedly failed Got tired to explain Then decided to give time And distanced herself For Love is not an obligation It’s easier to fall But difficult to maintain Up until then she’d patiently wait Won’t give him the right to negate For her love Will not abate © Sakshi Gangwani 2018

The Maze

In the maze of life You will find Various paths Labeled as Hope Desire, Compassion Faith, passion, Valiance And you walk for miles But get snarled and muddled Coz of the bylanes Of Egotism, Obduracy, Anger and Rationality Take a deep breath and Start afresh Blocking these lanes Is a test of your endurance SearchContinue reading “The Maze”