Surreal Experience

Yesterday morning I woke up perplexed because of a dream and in that state of bewilderment I saved in my notes the words buzzing in my head and dozed off again. Later in the day I had no recollection of the dream and still can’t, but I vaguely remember seeing a sage like figure, maybeContinue reading “Surreal Experience”

Mom…… Entrepreneur

We talk about individualism and equal opportunities yet we coin terms like ” “Mompreneurs”……..this irks me. Give me little time to explain why. Firstly, I am genuinely happy that people are finally recognizing the hard work women put in while balancing work and life. But on the other hand it disappoints me when our societyContinue reading “Mom…… Entrepreneur”

Folie de grandeur

There are glorious ways Of expressing love From tall claims to Inking names Folie de grandeur Driving the world insane But they didn’t need any For their love Had traveled Across space and time Sailed through wind and tide Yet their souls stayed entwined Nestled in a warm embrace © Sakshi Gangwani


  The time in your life when you crack the chrysalis and make way for sunlight although you may not be ready for the flight But it sure is worth celebrating life The dreams that were blur Become suddenly clear And you walk the path With a new found fervor Destination may still Be farContinue reading “Elation”


The focus of life For so many around Seems to be profits and gains Increased numbers Flooded bank accounts Is their game Illogical and delusional For them is my name Coz the only numbers I care about are The number of hearts touched Filling my account with smiles And leaving the banking on Divine IsContinue reading “Bandwagon”

Illusionist vs Realist

Illusionist and Realist We have in us a bit of both Which takes over when We never really know The realists within Often screams How can you live In dreams A world that doesn’t exists? The illusionist Towards whom I am biased Simply replys Today I live in the world of dreams So that tomorrowContinue reading “Illusionist vs Realist”