Self Love

There is no better way to embark on the journey of self love other than realizing we are one with the Creator. Aham Brahmasmi or I am Divine is one of the great utterances from Upnishads. The deeper meaning states that we are all made with the same elements which are just arranged differently. ThereContinue reading “Self Love”

Core of existence

The fluctuating rhythm Of heart and soul The constant effort to Stay immune to the clangorous world Is exhausting and draining And the only thing I desire Is to stay in solitude Oblivious to the existence of Anything around Getting consumed by Peace and quiesce Aligning my soul Soaking in Divine light And to stayContinue reading “Core of existence”

Divine Conspiracy

The universe is arcane Keeping paths obnubilate It makes us a part of Divine conspiracy We cross each other’s way Penetrate the soul space Lose ourselves in that maze Only to find The lanes toward The finishing line Are too narrow to Travel entwined And then we choose Different paths Hoping if not the journeyContinue reading “Divine Conspiracy”

Be your own Yin&Yang

Fall in Love Be head over heels feel the warmth and share your dreams Build your Elysian where your souls groove With rhythm of your hearts And no force keeps you apart But be your own yin and yang for love shouldn’t be with terms and conditions attached Be a whole before you call someoneContinue reading “Be your own Yin&Yang”


The focus of life For so many around Seems to be profits and gains Increased numbers Flooded bank accounts Is their game Illogical and delusional For them is my name Coz the only numbers I care about are The number of hearts touched Filling my account with smiles And leaving the banking on Divine IsContinue reading “Bandwagon”

Circle of life

Love taught me To let go of my pride Pain taught me To open my heart To Divine Distance taught me It’s a manifestation Of our minds Time taught me To be patient For things happen As per timeline but knowing you taught me How to embrace it all at once As if completing AContinue reading “Circle of life”