She was pushed away With so much force That she stepped out of the periphery of love Now with so much chaos And dwindling trust She wonders if she Is even capable Her heart doesn’t Feel the warmth There is no wrath Not even pain or hurt But It doesn’t beat in The same rhythmContinue reading “Frozen”


Caught in the whirlwind Of emotions She wondered how When and why Love that once was unconditional Turned into something Unfathomable……. The distance that once never mattered In miles Had concocted Walls of rile May be distance actually is When the thread Connecting hearts unties But what happens To the souls which were entwined ClaimingContinue reading “Why”

By that side

The unabated war Amid heart and mind Went on Carrying the baggages of bondages and norms The heart lost Was held captive Within the caged walls Of logic and rationality But they didn’t know How to cage that soul Coz It quietly flowed found it’s way And now stays By that side Where love residesContinue reading “By that side”