Soul’s Desire

The melting mountain peaks And flowing water creeks The dampness in air And occasional whiff of woody fragrance Those fireflies emblazoning the purlieus Like fairy lights The sound of crickets Slicing the silence of Dreary nights The open skies and Amidst all of this nature’s caper The only thing my soul desires Is liberation ©Continue reading “Soul’s Desire”


A few magical moments And memories of what once was Often transpose her to the days of yore The days of serendipity And rhythmic flow The days of surrender When their visages glowed When the conversations Were cryptic Yet never went unheard When dreams and desires Were chiselled and weaved With promises of eternity TheyContinue reading “Yore”

Treasure Trove

His desires and dreams Were cosseted and kept In her treasure trove And then she placed Hers in their crevices Filling the little cracks And strengthening their footing Weaving them with each other To make it their abode Of love and togetherness A place for their souls To call home and take shelter © SakshiContinue reading “Treasure Trove”

मुठ्ठी भर/ Fistful

एक बंद मुट्ठी में रुकी गीली मिट्टी जितनी ख्वाहिशें है कुछ ज़्यादा तो नहीं हर ख्वाहिश पूरी ही‌ हो ऐसी कोई शर्त नहीं बस ख्वाबों पर बंदिश ना हो मोहब्बत की कोई हद ना हो सरहदें ज़मीन से मिट ना भी सके तो कोई ग़म नहीं बस दिलों में लकीरों की गुंजाइश ना हो एकContinue reading “मुठ्ठी भर/ Fistful”