Not fine …….is just fine

Did you know that India is the most depressed country in the world followed by China and USA as per the reports of WHO. It’s not that we don’t have enough help available, the problem is the stigma around mental health issues. A lot people fear coming out in open and seek help which pushesContinue reading “Not fine …….is just fine”

Conquer your fears

What is the biggest fear in life of people at large? If someone asks you to give an accumulated answer for this …What would you say? I guess most will agree with death as an underlying answer coz all other fears….. for heights ,water, enclosures etc basically erupt from the fear of death at large.Continue reading “Conquer your fears”

Past Life Regression

Some of you may believe in it ……..some of you may not ……and some may not have even heard of it. Nevertheless I’ll try to make this post interesting for all irrespective of which category you fall in. Studying Parapsychology happens to be the best decision of my life , it just makes you soContinue reading “Past Life Regression”


You expect me to reconcile I don’t understand how and why, The wounds of my heart Are raw and bleeding… And you want to walk back Without even pleading…. ********* As if my heart is your property You can clench, kick, punch, With your ferocity Am I just a substance of your curiosity *********** MyContinue reading “Reconcile”


Life is a battlefield……. Sword like Strength, you must wield, Optimism,Faith,courage are soldiers on field, You must not yield. ********** Life is a battlefield….. Depression,anxiety,hatred are enemies, Kneelin’ would mean commitin’ felonies, Your win will bring home serenity. *********** Life is a battlefield….. Damage might haunt you like bogies, But, Scars and wounds are trophiesContinue reading “Resilience”

Silent prayer

Something is not right…. Just don’t feel bright, Although I have tried, But there is unrest, Heart and soul in distress. It feels like …… Going back from where I began. Besieged in hollowness, Faking smiles in front of clan. A silent prayer…… Unleash me from despair, It’s not fair, Oh God! I swear IContinue reading “Silent prayer”

I Can ….

I can do anything….. Instead of, spending my life anguishing, I’d rather use it burnishing. I can do anything….. Life is full of offerings Don’t lose hope, if tottering I can do anything…… Time might be testing, Laugh it off, jesting, I can do anything…… Some days might be depressing, Count on your blessings, IContinue reading “I Can ….”