About 6years ago I started my venture with the sole purpose of following my passion and today while we were shutting the doors for the final goodbye I realized how a few things complete a full circle …… We opened in August and we closed in August although none of it was planned. It’s difficultContinue reading “Tête-à-Tête”

Lost and Found

There was a part of me Which was once free Who believed in my beliefs It didn’t matter if others did not agree The heart had room For voice just one They call it intution Which was always encouraging And often preached To be unapologetic about How I feel But with time dust made TheContinue reading “Lost and Found”

Being Impulsive

Following impulse is good or bad I still gotta reckon but the decisions taken impulsively have majorly had a positive impact on my life. From choosing my graduation major to quitting my job …….. starting my own venture, infact this blog too all were impulsive decisions. I didn’t plan for any of them in advance.Continue reading “Being Impulsive”