Make belief

He made her believe in Love And also in things unbelievable He made her love herself a bit more And break the shackles of the world He made her shatter old paradigms And speak up loud and bold He made her think trust is unbreakable And it strengthens with time Then finally he made sureContinue reading “Make belief”


That facade of Pretentiousness That act of being someone He was not That portrayal of propagator of devil’s doctrine He played well And the world went agog He thought his act was bought But she patiently waited for The curtain to fall Ruminating If they had to walk different paths They could have done itContinue reading “Facade”

Not enough

She went into hiding With a bruised heart And a sore soul For she couldn’t fathom His needs He’d often confute His own belief Her presence rattled his thoughts And he would so easily Refute her whole being But every time she would Pack to leave His love would pour out And drench her entirelyContinue reading “Not enough”

Time and distance

When she tried And repeatedly failed Got tired to explain Then decided to give time And distanced herself For Love is not an obligation It’s easier to fall But difficult to maintain Up until then she’d patiently wait Won’t give him the right to negate For her love Will not abate © Sakshi Gangwani 2018