Spiritual amnesia

Some refer to spiritual amnesia As forgetting the goodness of God But the version I believe in is Forgetting who we are And then finding a way back to ourselves Detaching from our source Choosing a path for Ascension of our souls And then harmoniously blending In the vastness of our creator Just like everyContinue reading “Spiritual amnesia”


The theory of oneness has been brought To our awareness Disintegration to reintegration Spiraling at the same pace Yet we draw boundaries Dividing the indivisible Pain and grief doesn’t change As per cast, color and state Neither does love, compassion and empathy Then what is the chase The land is shared The sky is theContinue reading “Oneness”


A few think Nothingness is the end But for a few Zero is a new beginning You start from a void And finally reach a void Everything else that Happens in between Is a dream Smear seven colours together It’s called a rainbow Converge them It becomes a light stream Rainbow still exists Yet isContinue reading “Sūnya/Zero”

Circle of life

Love taught me To let go of my pride Pain taught me To open my heart To Divine Distance taught me It’s a manifestation Of our minds Time taught me To be patient For things happen As per timeline but knowing you taught me How to embrace it all at once As if completing AContinue reading “Circle of life”


Just like the lone crow in the kit of pigeons does not camouflage, sometimes we too are placed in places where we might feel we don’t belong…… but everything works as per Divine plan ……we ought to pay our karmic debts and then fly away….until then neither do we blend nor can we take thatContinue reading “Debts”