While I thought vulnerability Is the cause of pain And should be fiercely protected Behind hard shells and walls Pivoting the view Brought in light another side Vulnerability is exposure of Cracks within Those fractured spots Which cannot get healed Unless revealed Maybe strength isn’t About bragging How strong these walls are Maybe it isContinue reading “Vulnerability”

Just for today

I heard a very powerful statement today by Jason Silvia which went straight to hit the thinking button of my brain. In one of his interviews he casually said “And in the end, we are all going to die” We all know it. It’s no secret, yet it made more sense. It must have gotContinue reading “Just for today”

Food for thought (literally)

What you eat is completely a matter of choice and I by no means am promoting one “ism” over another. I am vegetarian by choice and often encounter awkward situations when my entire clan gets together to relish the aromatic mutton curry my mom makes. Raised eyebrows with what’s wrong with you and the restContinue reading “Food for thought (literally)”


There are always two sides of a story When understanding each other’s Is beyond reach Then choices aren’t many We can either be at loggerheads Or stay on our individual sides firmly And let each other be Allowing time to take the lead Sometimes it’s not about Who is right who isn’t It’s about howContinue reading “Loggerheads”

Unlearn to Relearn

It was destined to be!!!!! How many times have we heard that? How many times have we said that? Most of us are brought up with the concept of fixed destiny. Our subconscious is fed with this idea……time and again completely negating the concept of free will and freedom of choice. Learning is said toContinue reading “Unlearn to Relearn”