Reminiscences of past days Often reminds Once upon a time Love was recognized Even in the veil of discreet Was felt even when The walls of fear were in between Was read Even when it wasn’t worded right It just flowed in its purest form Before our rational minds covered it in Debris of IfsContinue reading “Reminiscence”

Humbling experience

I should start this post with a big sigh of relief….. can finally breathe 😊. I am writing this while I wait for the plane to take off although my personal plane took off during all these days of intense training. On normal days 12hours of back to back sessions would have drained me offContinue reading “Humbling experience”


Bidding goodbye To the grey skies Hope laden eyes Waited for the sunrise The golden glow Warmth that flows Gentle wind blows Drifted her to a Place unknown Which She could call her own Where seeds of Love and faith Were sown Watered with trust They were Nurtured and grown And soon they bloomed WhereContinue reading “Sunrise”


“You can not step into the same river twice”. Heraclitus was right Change is the only Constant in life You can either just survive Or Make life worthwhile It simply is a matter of choice To keep your heart devoid Or Allow it to rejoice Keep yourself poised And spirit hoist No tomorrow is alikeContinue reading “Change”