Not fine …….is just fine

Did you know that India is the most depressed country in the world followed by China and USA as per the reports of WHO. It’s not that we don’t have enough help available, the problem is the stigma around mental health issues. A lot people fear coming out in open and seek help which pushesContinue reading “Not fine …….is just fine”

Breaking free

Oh yes! I do I deserve Peace and happiness Along with the Drizzle of rain To wash away past stains Sunshine and an open sky To spread my wings and fly Compassion Love Honesty Truth I deserve it all in Unbridled supply And since I had to create Space for all of that I nowContinue reading “Breaking free”


She was on a rebound With the person Whose reflection She sees in the mirror With the confession of love The creases on her forehead Got erased The past baggages and pain Miraculously escaped And smile found its way The world in it’s absurdity Often asks her After all the bruises and heartache How couldContinue reading “Rebound”


Her hand was Entangled with the wires of past Whenever she struggled to move on It tightened its grip Incising the skin Bleeding slowly one drop at a time The abscesses formed Made it a sight to abhor But her desire to break free Was so strong That she amputated Her own arm That sharpContinue reading “Amputation”