All day and night

If given a choice She’d sit across the sea shore All through the day and night Unperturbed While he bares his heart Pouring out his thoughts and emotions flagrantly Until nothing is left And then let quiesce take over As they star gaze the sky While the rhythm of their hearts Creates a symphony withContinue reading “All day and night”

Differently Similar

Our similarities drew us Towards each other Making me refute The old thought that Opposites attract But In our own way we were different too Everything that I lacked I saw in you Maybe that’s what compliments our bond You helped me unlock my heart Cajoled me to speak my mind And made me realizeContinue reading “Differently Similar”

Infinity symbol

A few connections break every barrier of Logic and rationale The union of two souls At the intersection of the Infinity symbol They flow in its wave Which neither has a beginning Nor a definite ending A synergy of energies Acting as a force to Sail through shadows And trounce the storms Only to findContinue reading “Infinity symbol”


His gaze makes her heart beat rhythmically Against the background of Tacit and unvoiced emotions Drenching her soul In a lucid flow of warmth And the euphony of his words creating amoroso Makes their love Rise to a crescendo Strengthening the cords Of the bond Which could Neither be confined Nor reduced to a termContinue reading “Crescendo”