Humming Heart

That humming in heart Rhythm in thoughts Emotions in sync And peace shushing all qualms A certain ease replacing Perturbations and brouhahas One can not label that emotion But the ones who know What it’s like to come home after eons Wouldn’t take long to put their finger on that feeling When the heart reachesContinue reading “Humming Heart”


She often felt trapped in Self imposed restraint Not because of Lack of emotions But because his presence Unlocks the closed doors of her heart No facade no veil Not a single layer of pretence stays Exposing her most vulnerable self Which she’d kept hidden from herself Such was the impact of his presence ItContinue reading “Flummoxed”

An Anxious Heart

She scribbled with an anxious heart As she didn’t want to disrupt The the rhythm of their heart strings For it seems after ions They were playing in sync And sent the message through the winds That the pain of the invisible walls Between us often makes life look meaningless But the seeds of loveContinue reading “An Anxious Heart”