Book launch

There isn’t much to say ….only that I can’t wait for the remaining hours to pass. To have had an opportunity to share the platform with 10 amazingly inspiring individuals and be the 11th is truly a blessing and I don’t think I could have asked for a better start. Yes there were a fewContinue reading “Book launch”


While I thought vulnerability Is the cause of pain And should be fiercely protected Behind hard shells and walls Pivoting the view Brought in light another side Vulnerability is exposure of Cracks within Those fractured spots Which cannot get healed Unless revealed Maybe strength isn’t About bragging How strong these walls are Maybe it isContinue reading “Vulnerability”

Imperfectly perfect

Life is beautiful In its imperfectly perfect way A few missing pieces Some dreams and desires unmet Yet hope carves a way for happiness Making life iridescent We may not see but The universe puts us In the right place at the right time Soak in each experience For with acceptance Heart stays ebullient ©Continue reading “Imperfectly perfect”


  The time in your life when you crack the chrysalis and make way for sunlight although you may not be ready for the flight But it sure is worth celebrating life The dreams that were blur Become suddenly clear And you walk the path With a new found fervor Destination may still Be farContinue reading “Elation”


A heart that once was As cold as ice Melted on hearing Your voice And all the love it held inside Vaporized and travelled To your side Now if you find A cloud pouring on you Don’t be surprised Let go and get drenched What looks like rain Is my love disguised © Sakshi GangwaniContinue reading “Disguise”


It’s difficult to be a parent today With gadgets all around You worry Your child will forget The importance of human touch You struggle to loosen Technologies clutch So, I got hold of my little man Sat with him and nagged When we were Young The world was not a click away But we wereContinue reading “Screentime”

Refused to give up

Blessed with an over thinking mind and a tempestuous heart can be taxing sometimes. Last few days were a little tough as my thoughts and emotions were in an overactive mode and were scattered all around. But I am so happy to have got my voice back today. While planning a regression session for aContinue reading “Refused to give up”